About Us


To be the leading multi-disciplinary company while striving to be the world leader in our core solutions.


To provide the customer with the most satisfying experience, attracting and maintaining our customers.


Providing tailor-made and cost-effective transportation solutions to specific customers by developing a sustainable, reliable, and efficient logistics solutions with a view of ensuring increasing clients satisfaction.

Our Values

We are resolute: We are optimistic and capable, making robust decisions that deliver intrinsic value. We maximise our collective experience, comprehension, and talent to the full, determined to shape and change the logistics space.


We are excellency driven: With a resolute focus on superiority, innovation, and agility, we exceed ambitious goals that drives differentiation.


We are forward thinkers: We believe in the power of forward-thinking and continuous scanning into all our business environments in order to remain relevant within the value-chain.

Our Strategic Focus

Comprehend the effects our organisation has on the markets we operate in: Continuous scanning of macro, micro and market environments to ensure continuous improvement and innovative adaption on ever-changing market elements, e.g. Technology, social, consumer needs and their purchasing power, the organisation and its management, organisational resources and culture.


Intensify our business acumen approach: Promote creative approaches to existing and new market opportunities. Recognise innovative responses to challenges.


Attain operational excellence: Rigorous comprehension of our business processes and lean cost structures principles to enabling sustainable and competitive pricing options. Continuous operations audit with a view to achieving operations excellency for our customers with less input.


Understanding the Socio- Cultural Environment in areas we operate in: Deep understanding of the attitudes, beliefs, values, and opinions of people in the communities we operate in. Fostering positive stakeholder relationships Empowering, developing and retaining skilled people Focusing intently on stakeholder’s value proposition.


More focus on B2B marketing strategy: The cost of getting a new customer is double expensive than tapping into the existing customers of other subsidiaries within Kamojou Group and extract shared value.


Asset Rightness: Establish a managed logistics division to tap into unemployed assets within the industry players to promote an asset – light business with improved RONA and other financial metrics. Maximise agility by reducing asset intensity. Partner for flexibility, capacity and efficient scale. Align asset investments with secured revenue.

Our Sectors

Agriculture Sector

Petroleum Energy

Automotive Sector

Construction Sector

Mining Sector

Logistics Sector

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Mia Yamasaki
John Smith
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Johnny Schmidt

Our Advantages

We believe in adding value to our customers across all points of the supply chain process and pride ourselves on our efficient, professional and customer-centric services.


Proven track record and trusted reputation

Long-standing relationships with suppliers and customers

Effective risk management of currency, credit and price

In-depth knowledge of our customers and operational markets

Lean organisation with experienced team, adept at problem- solving and decision-making

Our Promise

We thrive on delivering innovation, service excellence and high quality solutions that ensure our customers complete their projects on time and on budget.


Access to products, materials and equipment

Highly skilled team with great experienced

Deep knowledge of multiple industries

Accomplished in RFQ management

Expertise in developing bespoke solutions