Moloto Nakeng

Managing Executive

Degree in Financial Management (Varsity College); Certificate in business principles and practice (Varsity College); Diploma in marketing management (Boston).


Moloto Nakeng boasts a wealth of diverse experiences across various industries, including marketing, mining, construction, automotive, logistics, and transportation. Drawing from her extensive exposure to the built environment, she has successfully grown Kamo Jou Trading and Projects into a company that prides itself on delivering reliable, agile, and customer-tailored end-to-end solutions throughout the Southern Africa region. Moloto is dedicated to furthering her own development as a holistic leader and dynamic entrepreneur, with a commitment to driving the continued success of her venture.

Floyd Nakeng

Chairman and Business Development Executive

National N Diploma in Civil Engineering (Baal-Perazim Plaza College).


Floyd Nakeng is a highly accomplished leader with a distinguished career in successful management. With a deep understanding of current economic, social, and regulatory issues, Floyd possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience to tackle the challenges of today’s business landscape. As an inspiring and motivational manager, he excels in interpersonal communication and has a proven ability to develop and communicate a clear vision for the organizations he leads. Floyd’s focus on both performance improvement and growth has been instrumental in his success as a managing director and CEO, always ensuring that objectives and expectations are established, communicated, and achieved.

David Monoge

Operations Executive

Masters in Operations Management (University of Johannesburg); Project Management Certificate (University of Pretoria).


David Monoge is a recent addition to the Kamo Jou Trading and Projects team, where he serves as an overall manager for the mining, logistics, and construction business units. In this role, he is responsible for designing, implementing, and overseeing the growth strategy of the organization. Prior to joining Kamo Jou Trading and Projects, David served as the COO of Madibana SA, where he gained extensive experience in operations management. With his diverse skill set and proven track record of success, David is poised to make significant contributions to the continued growth and success of Kamo Jou Trading and Projects.

Lorna Dangale

Finance Executive

B.Com Accounting degree (UNISA); B.Com (Hons) with specialization in cost and management accounting.


Lorna Dangale brings a wealth of experience to her role as the group CFO of Kamo Jou Trading and Projects. With 3 years of experience in accounting and auditing, followed by a 3-year tenure as a credit controller responsible for reconciling creditors for month-end payments, Lorna quickly progressed to a senior debtors controller and senior bookkeeper role. In this developmental role, she gained valuable experience and insights that prepared her for the position of financial manager at a large corrugated manufacturing concern. Subsequently, Lorna served as the senior financial accountant for 3 years before joining Kamo Jou Trading and Projects as its group CFO. Over the past 7 years, Lorna has successfully leveraged her expertise to drive financial performance and guide the organization toward its strategic objectives.

Wesley Ncube


Bachelor of Science: Statistics and Mathematics (University of Cape Town); Bachelor of Science: Honors in Statistical Sciences (University of Cape Town); Faculty of Actuaries Passes/Exemptions (8)


Wesley Ncube is a skilled executive with a wealth of experience across various industries, including mining, logistics, farming, life insurance, employee benefits, banking, investments, consulting, and actuarial. He has proven management experience leading large teams of diverse experience levels and competencies in these fields. Wesley has served as a managing member of regional executive committees, reporting to Group Executive Committees and Group Managing Directors in multinational organizations. He has also been an executive in several companies with annual revenues exceeding R150 million. With his broad range of skills and experience, Wesley is well-equipped to drive growth and success in any organization he serves.

William Van Aswegen

Operational Compliance

Principals of Business and Management (Wits University); National Diploma Safety Management (Technikon of the Vaal Triangle); National Certificate Security Management (UNISA)


William Van Aswegen has provided valuable consulting services to Kamo Jou Trading and Projects, particularly in the mining, construction, and logistics sectors. He has facilitated the certification audits for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, demonstrating his expertise in quality management, environmental management, and occupational health and safety. Additionally, William has provided consulting services in the civil construction, logistics, and mining sectors, focusing on the development and implementation of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018. His contributions have been instrumental in helping organizations achieve their quality, environmental, and safety goals.

Martin Masemola


Doctor of Engineering Electrical, 2021 – 2023, (Engineering Institute of Technology); Meng (Electrical Systems) (Engineering Institute of Technology); Executive Development Programme (University of Witwatersrand); BTech (Electrical Engineering) (Tshwane University of Technology).


Martin Masemola is a seasoned Engineering and Energy Executive with a wealth of experience in the South African energy sector. He has developed a strong skill set in Consulting Engineering, Project and Programme Management, as well as Electrical, Mechanical, and Energy-related projects throughout the entire project lifecycle, from initial concept to implementation. Martin’s diverse knowledge and expertise enable him to provide valuable insights and recommendations to clients, and his ability to manage complex projects and deliver successful outcomes has earned him a reputation as a reliable and effective professional in the industry.

Quentin Barnes

Labour relations

LLB (Law) Degree (University of South Africa).


Quentin Barnes has more than six years of experience in effectively managing discipline, grievances, incapacity, and dispute resolution in various organizations. He has also played a key role in building the capacity of line managers and employees in the areas of employee/labour relations and legislation. Quentin is committed to ensuring that his clients comply with all relevant labour laws, and he meticulously monitors and verifies compliance at all times. He is skilled at fostering constructive relations with trade unions, which has enabled him to successfully navigate complex labour environments and maintain positive working relationships with all stakeholders.

Ntokozo Mkandla


Bachelor of Accountancy (University of Zimbabwe); Associate Member Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Zimbabwe (CIS); Special Honours in Accounting Science (University of South Africa); Chartered Accountant (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe).


Ntokozo Mkandla is an accomplished and outcome-driven Chartered Accountant with a wealth of financial management experience. With more than 30 years of experience, she is a seasoned strategic thinker with a strong business acumen. Throughout her career, she has successfully developed and executed key strategies across diverse industries, delivering positive outcomes for various organizations.

Shaun Masemola


Matriculated at Kgotswane High School; HIV & AID’S Courses; First Aid Courses; Stock Control; Accounting; Driver Trainer; SHE REP (NOSA); Currently studying towards Diploma in Transport


Shaun Masemola has a broad range of experience in overseeing the entire transportation supply chain, cultivating business relationships, and selecting new suppliers. He has collaborated with various manufacturing organizations, transportation companies, logistics companies, as well as the air force.

Rudolph Eksteen


Legal Liability OHS Act for Executives – NQF 4; Labour Intensive Construction Management – NQF 5.


Rudolph Eksteen is a seasoned construction professional with extensive experience in overseeing and directing construction projects from conception to completion. He possesses strong analytical and project management skills, enabling him to review projects in-depth to schedule deliverables and estimate costs. He has a keen eye for detail and oversees all on-site and off-site construction activities to ensure compliance with building and safety regulations.

Togarepi Dandajena

Engineering & Workshop

Diploma in Information & Technology (BCI); Certificate in Diesel & Motor Mechanics (ZIM); Certificate in TG Man Truck & Maintenance (SA).


Togarepi Dandajena has expertise in managing workshops related to transport, logistics, maintenance, and construction. He has experience in governing and ensuring compliance with workshop regulations, as well as managing people, providing leadership, training and development through IDP, and handling stores and stock management. Additionally, he has experience in preparing RMTS audits and implementing preventative maintenance plans for vehicles.

Mahudu Molade

Group SHEQ Manager

Incident investigations (IRCA); First Aid level 1 (Netcare); National Higher Certificate Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigations (University of Johannesburg); Supervisory Development Programme (DYNA Training); Higher Certificate Environmental law for managers (North West University).


Mahudu Molade has experience in managing and leading HSE, which includes planning and reporting on safety audits, conducting inspections, completing measurements, and reporting on the effectiveness of field-related safety, health, and environmental procedures. He also has experience in developing and implementing level reporting of statutory compliance with consented conditions and permitted requirements, as well as preparing annual plans and budgets and managing the HSE budget and resource expenditure.